I think his work is excellent…the red dot, located internal to a series of lineaments, shows the epicenter (of the earthquake) at (a depth of) 40,000 feet…every earthquake that has been recorded in the past 10+ years…had an epicenter that was associated with one of Dave’s interpreted lineaments. –W.S. 

Dave provides an honest and thorough analysis of the project before work begins…then applies an extensive arsenal of analytical capabilities based on real world vs. book learned experience.  He has an old fashioned work ethic…always ready to go one step beyond. –J.F.  

I think we found the Sherlock Holmes of airphotos. -M.C.

Dave through his analysis of remote sensing and aerial imaging revealed basement, near-surface, faults and fractures that are crucial to reservoir fracture-related oil production in my area.  Dave’s analysis was in good agreement with known producing areas. His work served as a pathfinder for additional surface geochemical surveys. I found Dave to be very personal and easy to work with. –V.I.

I met Dave at an AAPG sectional meeting and after researching work he had done on several oil exploration projects that had been published, we arranged for him to examine a feature that we had an interest in that had similarities to work he had done for a client on the Ames Crater in Oklahoma.  The detailed work shows that his expertise in the use of satellite and aerial -photographic projects is the most professional work that we have ever encountered. -G.P.

I have collaborated with Dave on a number of exploration projects.  He manages well and his instructions are clear and thorough. -V.C.

I found his presentation during the 2017 AAPG Drone and UAV workshop in Houston, TX very useful as he provided current and real-world remote sensing applications of UAV imagery applied to O&G exploration. -T.B.

Dave Koger is an engaging and informative speaker, and has a depth of knowledge on earth imagery applications matched by few. -T.M.

Dave is an entertaining and informative speaker. -K.H