Dave Koger creates time and money-saving applications with airborne data.
  • Personalized Solution

    No two jobs are alike: Dave presents unique solutions to save you time and money.

  • Experience

    • 39 years’ consulting
    • Image analysis systems installed and users trained all over the world, for governments, defense, and earth resource applications.

  • Expertise

    Advice and testimony in legal matters.

  • Research & Learning

    • Taught masters-level students.
    • Conducts training and seminars.
    • Frequent guest speaker.

Dave has the three things needed to get a job done right.  Knowledge:  I have never talked to Dave about a project or technique that he hadn’t already mastered.  Experience:  you only learn by doing, and Dave has done a lot.  Passion:  I’ve seen far too many just want to get an answer out and get paid.  Dave gets the right answer.   J.S

Dave provides an honest and thorough analysis of the project before work begins…then applies an extensive arsenal of analytical capabilities based on real world vs. book learned experience.  Dave has an old fashioned work ethic…always ready to go one step beyond.   J.F.

“I think his work is excellent…the red dot, located internal to a series of lineaments, shows the epicenter (of the earthquake) at (a depth of) 40,000 feet…every earthquake that has been recorded in the past 10+ years…had an
epicenter that was associated with one of Dave’s interpreted lineaments. W.S.

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